For Authors....

I'm so excited to finally get this page up and running!  Since publishing my first book in 2012, I have learned so much, on my own, and with the help of countless generous authors who have lent me their wisdom and learning so that I could find an easier path. There are a lot of blogs out there from authors who REALLY know what they are doing, but here is my attempt to join the proud tradition of authors helping authors.  I will update as often as I can with helpful links and resources that have helped me move along.  If you have a question, please email me directly.  I would love to help you in any way that I can.  

Tips for Exhibiting At Conventions:

This is a series of videos that I created to talk about how to effectively exhibit at a convention.  I'm really excited to post these because I haven't seen a lot of information on how to do this well.  Exhibiting at conventions has and continues to be a ciritcal part of finding and expanding my readership. I hope these tips can help you do the same. Devastator Press has done a fantastic study on what indie artists are making at some of the most popular comic/sci-fi conventions.  Check it out here.

Part I: Why You Should Try Exhibiting and How to Find an Event in Your Area
Part III: Making An Effective Pitch
Part II: What You Need to Create a Booth That Stands Out
Part IV: Convention Etiquette 101

Don't Pay ANYONE to Copyright Your Work!!!

It's a scary thing, how people will knowingly and unscrupulously rip you off.  Here is a list of resources for everything from copyrighting your work (for as little as $35), buying your own ISBNs (or getting them from CreateSpace for free) and other resources I have used to publish and market my work.  All of these resources are fairly simple to use (If I, least tech-savvy of all authors anywhere, can do it, so can you!).  There may be better places to go or different places to go, but these should get you started and help you avoid some of the shady folks out there.  If you have questions, just shot me an email.

Story & Chapter Outline Samples:

Did You Know You Could Get National or International Distribution for Your Books?

I didn't either until a couple months ago.  Since 2012, I have printed and distributed my books via LightningSource which is the self-publishing/small press arm of Ingram Book Group, one of the largest book distributors in the country.*


While being with Lightning Source allowed me the opportunity to have my paperback books listed with all the major retailers (, Amazon, BAM, etc.) online, it did little to actually get me IN bookstores.  I also didn't seem to have a chance of getting into WalMart, airport bookstores, etc. Libraries were another black box.  My original plan was to approach each of these entities individually and plead my case, but with books to write and children to raise, I couldn't do half of what I wanted to last year. (I did make headway with libraries by going to the American Library Association's Annual Conference and the National Book Club Conference.)  


Late last year, I happened to share my struggles with two authors who shared two resources with me.  One is Small Press United (SPU) and the other is this list of independent distributors.  Before the end of 2015, I submitted my books to two distributors, with one more planned for early January. I'll let you know how it goes.  


A Word Of Caution:  My research so far indicates that most of these places do not seem to be open to "single-title" authors (folks who have published only one book).  They also seem to want you to be able to have printed copies on hand to provide towards distribution.  This may require you to print books ahead of sales (something that terrified me as a new author).  I will be honest with you and tell you that it is only now that I feel I have the wherewithall to attempt a distribution arrangement that may require me to have hundreds (if not thousands) of copies on hand before sale, so if you are feeling a little skittish as I was in 2012, proceed with caution.  


* Since 2012, Ingram created IngramSpark to compete with Amazon's CreateSpace.  I have never used IngramSpark, but I know people who have and they seem pleased.