My Annual Charity Giveaway

Hey there! I hope you and all your loved ones are doing well. Every year, I do my annual charity giveaway around Christmas, but THIS year it feels more urgent than ever. Just in case you forgot the rules, here goes:

1) You respond to this post or email me at and send me a) the name and website of a charity you support and b) tell my a bit about why you support them.

2) After December 25th, I will pick one charity from those nominated and donate $200 in your name.

I LOVE hearing about the causes that mean the most to YOU, so please submit your nominations ASAP (or before December 25th). Happy Holidays!



p.s. Virtuous Con is back in 2021 with 2 days of activities and 75+ amazing artists celebrating Black History Month and the excellence of Black artists and creators of color in speculative fiction. Registration is FREE, so click here and join us!

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