NARAZU is Looking For a Few Good Fans!

My new company, NARAZU is looking for a few SERIOUS sci-fi fans to help us find and share amazing content!

We're offering $50 a month for you to do something you LOVE! The details on how to apply are below, but the 1st test is the picture to your left. If you don't get it, you should not apply - But for those who DO get it (and could write 10 more just like it.) Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you! (Image from

Featured Content Editors Needed!

Narazu™ is a new online platform designed to help sci-fi and comic book fans find the best independent content available. We’re looking for a few avid, hard-core, sci-fi fans to work with us as Featured Content Editors. Your work will be an integral part of helping us find and promote the best indie sci-fi and comic content on the planet. There are currently 4-6 featured content editor positions available.

Successful candidates will be proud connoisseurs of one or more speculative fiction genres including horror, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, steampunk, afrofuturism, anime, manga, etc. – across mediums including comics, books, graphic novels, art and film.

If you love this space as much as we do, we want to hear from you. To apply, send an email to with your answers to the following questions:

1) What Are Your Favorite Genres? (Include the mediums in which you enjoy them most. E.g. Horror – Film, Science Fiction – Books)

2) Name Your Favorite Independent Artists in These Genres?

3) In what ways do you currently share your love for the genre? (Reviews on Goodreads, Blog, Book club, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. Please include appropriate links with your answer.)

In responding to this notice, please put TANGERINE in the subject line of your email.

Thanks in advance for sharing your passion with NARAZU and the world. We’re looking forward to building something truly unique…together.

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