It's Black Speculative Fiction Month!

So let's celebrate! October is Black Speculative Fiction Month - a chance to raise awareness about the many authors of color writing incredible horror, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and other generally "out of this world" literature! If you're wondering why we need a 'Black Speculative Fiction Month', I can tell you that *every* convention I go to I still get asked, "Are there other people of color writing science fiction?" I get asked the question so frequently that I created my own list of "Other Authors of Color in Speculative Fiction Besides Me". (You can read it here.) Just this past August a WorldCon, I heard the same thing, "I'd love to know more about authors of color in science fiction, but where do I find them?"

Black Speculative Fiction Month was created to help answer that question. It also gives me a chance to do even more to raise awareness and introduce readers to some incredible stories that they might not have heard of before. All month you can enter to win one of the books featured in the above giveaway contest poster. Plus, one lucky winner will win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon, so that you can go and gorge yourself on even MORE books!

Want in? All you have to do is sign up for the giveaway here. It's the perfect way to have the chance to discover your next favorite author or book! Please feel free to share the giveaway link with your friends. There's no downside to something this good. Happy Reading!

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