Whenever someone would ask me if I was a Prince fan, I would usually smile and say, "Prince is evidence that God exists." This may seem like an over-the-top statement to you, but I meant it.

I mean it.

Prince helped form my earliest understandings of the importance of charting my own spiritual path, the beauty and potential of sex, and the singularity of the artistic journey.

When I listened to his music, I felt less alone, more understood and more hopeful about the future and my role in it.

He taught me things only a teacher tells a student, only a brother confides in a sister, and only a man whispers to a woman.

He was a GENIUS and though what I feel in his passing is too near to put into words, I know this for sure - true love never dies.

And I know Prince loved us - loved us enough to give us his truth - in his music, his lyrics and the unique way he took up space in the world. And because his gift was given to us in pure love, it will never die.

I know because he changed me forever and nothing, not even death, can ever take it back.

Dance On....

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