My Retrospect.

I can barely believe it. In 2 days, Summer will officially be over. I hope you enjoyed yours. For me, it was a summer of new adventures, hard lessons and dreams coming true. Unlike most summers, where my husband and I usually put the kids in camp, then work like dogs through the hot days, this year, we planned a summer that was full of fun, connection and downtime for everyone. It was a real blessing and just what I needed to navigate all the stuff I’ve been up to. This summer, my son and I won our first literary award as Black Pearls Magazine's Children's Book Authors of the Year for Ellis and The Magic Mirror. The award was voted on and selected by readers and Book Club members, which makes the honor even more special. I also had the privilege of participating as a literary guest at this year's WorldCon! For three incredible days, I participated in panels on everything from Star Wars and Game of Thrones to Afrofuturism and Urban Fantasy. I met so many kind and wonderful people, and had an overall experience that was deeply edifying to me, as an indie author and entrepreneur. My husband and I also celebrated our 10th Anniversary in the Maldives, which was my first NO work vacation in 5 years.

In the "hard lessons-learned" category, I also lost a TON of time and money paying a developer to create a website that ultimately didn't make sense to use. *Sigh* I'm not going to lie, it hurt to lose all that money AND all that time (I'm still not sure which one hurt more.), but I learned so much in the process about becoming the kind of leader and business woman I want to be. And in the middle of all of that I finished my 4th adult novel, To Find You and my 2nd children’s book, Ellis and The Hidden Cave, with my son and co-writer, Carol Kim.

I started writing To Find You almost 2 years ago (as I was editing the last book in the Order of the Seers Trilogy). After the intensity of Order of the Seers, I wanted something less complicated, more romantic, and with absolutely NO SUPERPOWERS! LOL! I remember thinking, "God! I need to write a love scene." I don’t typically read or watch a lot of romance, but when I do I have one type of romance that I go back to over and over again – souls trying to find each other. Somewhere in Time, The Love Letter, The Lake House – are among my favorite love stories of all time. So when I sat down to craft To Find You, a star-crossed, time-bending tale naturally came to mind. Of course, it quickly turned into a romance between 2 characters reincarnated in 4 different time periods, traveling from 1750s Ghana to a futuristic Washington, DC. Writing this book has been a learning experience, a fascinating history lesson and one of the greatest writing journeys of my career as an author. To Find You comes out on November 29, 2016, but if you're on my mailing list then you know that I'm giving away five Advance Reader Copies this month. And if you're not on my mailing list, then you can be among the 1st to buy the book at NYCC(Booth #1158) on October 6-9th.

So, that was my summer in a nutshell. How about yours? What made you laugh this summer? What lessons did you learn? I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. :-)

And, as always, thanks for reading!

xoxo - Cerece

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