I'm a HUGE reader and lover of fan fiction.  I got my indoctrination way back in the day with The X-files.  I can't even tell you how many trees died because of all the X-files fanfic that I printed out and devoured.  All I can say in my defense is that those trees died for a good cause.  I LOVED so many of those stories and still think about them today.  Almost a decade later, I fell into Twilight fan fiction after reading all the books.  Here are some fan fiction pieces related to The X-files and Twilight that I have written.  You are welcome to read them for free and enjoy!


Game of Thrones (BRAND NEW!)

So...after Season 7 finished, I just couldn't let it go.  I tried, but this story popped into my head and wouldn't shut up until I finished it.  The result is Breaking The Wheel: A GOT Season 8 fanfic.  I will be posting it in 5 or 6 installments.  Over the next couple weeks, you can read it here.


The X-Files

The first creative piece I ever wrote that was longer than 2 pages was an X-file fan fiction vignette for Tithonus, one of my favorite X-file episodes.  You can read it here.  My pen name was Soukie and the story is called How it Starts/How It Ends.  You should probably know something about the X-files and this episode to fully enjoy the piece.  Special love to the fine people at the Gossamer Project for keeping this database going after all these years.  It is a treasure trove of pure X-files love!


The Twilight Saga

After years of not writing a single thing, The Twilight Series (and Twilight fan fiction) pulled me back in.  I would never have had the courage to write Order of the Seers if it was not for the phenomenal writing and encouragement within the Twilight fan fiction community.  You can find all my Twilight fan fiction stories and poems right here.  I wrote under the pen name LittleWing2. :-) You don't really need to know anything about Twilight to be able to enjoy these stories.  

Other stuff I've written that you can read for FREE!