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From The Wolf Queen (Prologue) The Amasiti have always been one with the village, the earth, life itself. We are not a part of the way. We are the way. They called us Mother and so it was for a thousand years – until the time of the Amir descended. My name is Aferi and because of what I have done, I wear the poison chains. I am the last sorceress of Elan. With no Mother to receive my account of events, I commit the story of the Fall of Elan to this parchment in hopes of preserving it against the treachery and deceit of these times. So that our descendants, who must now hide within the belly of lesser shadows, will one day know and reclaim that which has been stolen.

Eat The Hand....

Lately, I seem to be having the same conversation – with artists, with parents, with people. We’re all angry because things aren’t going our way and somehow we think that “somebody” is responsible for bringing our vision of the world to life - somebody other than ourselves. But here's the thing - as an artist, as a human being, no one is coming to save you. Not ever. No one is coming to give you the job you want, sell your art for you, find you 1 million followers on Twitter, or give you the government you think you deserve. So, stop looking over your shoulder. The reason why is not nefarious. It is because you have teeth that tear and claws that can rip through any obstacle set before you.

Where I'll Be at RT (aka the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta)!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are well. This Thursday I am headed to the RT Convention in Atlanta. I've never been and I am excited to introduce my books to a new audience and soak up some of that fine Atlanta heat! If you are going to be there, I would LOVE to see you. I will be attending 3 events officially (and lurking through many others): Where You Can Find Me: Saturday, May 6th: 10am - 2pm The Giant Book Fair 6:45pm - 7:30pm The FAN-tastic Day Party Sunday, May 7th: 10am - 1pm RT Roundup Author Meet & Greet! I'll be selling copies of the Order of the Seers Trilogy and my latest release, To Find You, so if you're in the area, come on through! I've got t-shirts, bags, and all kinds of

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