The Best in Indie Sci-Fi and Comic Culture... Delivered. For the past two years, I've been working on an idea - a platform that would bring indie sci-fi artists and sci-fi fans together in a place where it would be easy to find the best in new, cutting edge sci-fi story-telling in every medium you can imagine - from Anime to Graphic Novels, Comic Books to Film. It took me some time to find the right people to bring this vision to life, but now we're finally ready to begin. Our vision for NARAZU is to create a place where sci-fi fans and indie sci-fi artists can discover, delight and support each other. - where the best in indie sci-fi content is at your fingertips and available to you 24 ho

My Retrospect.

I can barely believe it. In 2 days, Summer will officially be over. I hope you enjoyed yours. For me, it was a summer of new adventures, hard lessons and dreams coming true. Unlike most summers, where my husband and I usually put the kids in camp, then work like dogs through the hot days, this year, we planned a summer that was full of fun, connection and downtime for everyone. It was a real blessing and just what I needed to navigate all the stuff I’ve been up to. This summer, my son and I won our first literary award as Black Pearls Magazine's Children's Book Authors of the Year for Ellis and The Magic Mirror. The award was voted on and selected by readers and Book Club members, which

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